Privacy and Confidentiality

Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club complies with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1993 and any amendments thereto to protect the privacy and confidentiality of information regarding children, parents, and employees. It ensures that all records and information about everyone associated with St Andrew’s Kids’ Club are kept in a secure place and only accessed by or disclosed to those people or authorities (example: Child Youth and Family) who have a legal right to know.

  • All employees including volunteers and those on work experience, and members of the management will keep all information collected during enrolment in strict confidentiality. No information will be shared unless permitted by the family, or the information is necessary for the protection of a child, or required by authorities.
  • Personal forms and information will be stored safely and securely
  • Confidential conversations that employees may have with parents, or the management has with employees will be conducted in a private and quiet area away from children, other parents, and staff.
  • Parents will have ready access to the files of their own children only. It is their responsibility to inform St Andrew’s Kids’ Club immediately of any changes to their circumstances or information
  • Staff will not discuss individual children with anyone apart from their parents/guardians.
  • All matters discussed at staff or management meetings will be treated as confidential
  • Confidential information may only be exchanged in the normal course of work with other staff members at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club when it is needed for the proper operation of the Club and the well-being of other users and staff.
  • All employees including volunteers and those on work experience will protect the privacy and confidentiality of other employees by not relating personal information about another staff member to anyone either within or outside St Andrew’s Kids’ Club.


Files and documents containing confidential and personal information will be kept in a locked drawer and the keys will be removed from the premises at close of business.