Health and Safety

Policy Statement 

The health, safety, and well-being of our employees and volunteers and all who use the facilities provided by us and participate in activities organized by St Andrew’s Kids’ Club are of major importance. Our goal is to ensure that all activities carried out or undertaken by our dedicated staff are managed in a way that would avoid, reduce or control foreseeable risks to the health and safety of any one in our programmes. We will adhere to relevant health and safety legislation to ensure safety to all our employees and children participating in our programmes. All St Andrew’s Kids’ Club personnel will be knowledgeable in our health and safety policies and procedures.


  • Our Health and Safety Policy and Procedures will be regularly monitored and assessed for its effectiveness
  • Adequate health and safety training for all staff will be provided
  • Important health announcements/guidelines published by the Ministry of Health will be used at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club for all areas of health and safety
  • Regular safety checks will be accomplished to ensure that the St Andrew’s Kids’ Club environment is safe for everyone
  • Provide adequate resources as necessary to meet the Club’s health and safety responsibilities
  • Provide a safe environment for everyone at the Club and equipment that is well-maintained at all times
  • Children are not allowed access to the kitchen and cupboard where cleaning substances are kept
  • Maintain an Accident and Incident Register

Accidents and First-Aid Procedure 

All accidents and incidents shall be recorded in the Accident and Incident Register on the same day the event took place. Any volunteer or staff that has an accident whilst at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will also be recorded in the Register. Where possible, a counter signature of another staff who witnessed the accident or incident will be obtained.

Staff must inform the parents/guardians of the child or children concerned at the end of the session in which the incident or accident, took place. Where this is not possible, the information will be passed on at the earliest possible opportunity.

All incidents that cause concern to staff will be recorded. Incidents may take the form of something untoward that occurred, something a child said that gave cause for concern or an outside incident which affected St Andrew’s Kids’ Club.  All incidents will be reported to the Programmes Manager. However, a separate written report on a child may also be made if appropriate, and recorded separately and stored confidentially.

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club is supplied with first-aid kits onsite and offsite. The Programmes Manager will ensure that the kits are regularly checked and replenished and that no medication is kept in them.

Equipment Safety

All employees have a responsibility to carry out regular checks on all the equipment, and throw away any items that may become potentially dangerous through damage, or misuse.

They will make the children aware of hazards such as toys and games cluttering walk ways, and discourage this.

Children will be expected to sit on chairs and not on tables.

Spilt liquids will be cleared up immediately to avoid slippery floors.

Electrical appliances will be checked annually by a qualified electrician (who is appointed by St Andrew’s Kids’ Club to check their equipment annually.)

All cleaning equipment will be kept out of reach of the children.

Children will be prevented from accessing the kitchen area through supervision.

Risk Assessments and Actions 

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club understands the importance of ensuring that systems are in place for checking that it is a safe and secure place for children, staff and parents/guardians. Our risk assessment procedures are part of a continuous process to prevent any dangerous incident taking place.

Risk assessment will be reviewed annually or immediately, when the need arises. Reviews are conducted when there is any change to equipment or resources, any change to the premises, or when particular needs of a child or other visitors necessitate this. A visual inspection of both the equipment and the entire premises – both indoor and outdoor – will be carried out daily. This will, ordinarily, be carried out by a staff on arrival at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club and will be completed before any children arrive.

During the session, staff will be vigilant and continuously aware of any potential risks to health and safety arising from:

  • The St Andrew’s Kids’ Club environment, both indoors and outdoors
  • All surfaces, both indoors and outdoors
  • All equipment used by children or staff

Site Security and Supervision

  • Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about the importance of remaining safe and not leaving the St Andrew’s Kids’ Club premises during the programme
  • Safety and security procedures will be regularly reviewed on Staff meetings
  • Staff and any other authorised persons who are regular visitors at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will be issued with either an identity badge or clearly identifiable clothing, which they are expected to wear at all times while on the Club’s premises.

Children will not be left unsupervised at any time during activities. In the event of staff shortages or absences, an authorised casual employee or volunteer will cover the absent staff to ensure that children are adequately supervised, in accordance with the staff ratio provisions.


All visitors will be recorded on the day on the Attendance Register.  Details will include: their name and time of arrival and departure. Visitors to St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will not be left unsupervised with children at any time.

All staff have a duty to approach any visitor on the premises who has not signed in. They must introduce themselves and establish immediately who the visitor is and the reason for them being in the St Andrew’s Kids’ Club premises. If the visitor has no suitable reason to be in the Club’s premises, then they will be asked to leave immediately and escorted from the premises. If the visitor repeatedly refuses to leave, the police will be telephoned immediately.

A record will be made of any such incidents in the Incident Register, and the Manager will be immediately notified.

Fire Safety

All St Andrew’s Kids’ Club employees are instructed in fire safety procedures during their induction.  All staff and children are made aware of the fire safety procedures through regular fire drills. Staff are informed of location of fire exits, fire assembly point and where fire safety equipment is stored.

A copy of the fire/emergency evacuation procedure is posted on the announcement board by the hall entrance.

Exit doors are kept clear at all times.  Fire and other emergency drills (earthquakes, disasters, etc) will be practiced once every school holiday and after school care term.

Fire Prevention 

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will take all steps possible to prevent fires from occurring.  The manager and staff are responsible for:

  • Ensuring power points are not overloaded
  • Ensuring the St Andrew’s Kids’ Club “no smoking policy” is observed
  • Ensuring no fraying or trailing wires exist
  • Storing potentially flammable materials safely

In the event of a fire

A member of staff will raise the alarm immediately and the emergency services will be called at the earliest possible opportunity.  Only when safe, one member of staff will be allocated to check the toilets.

All children will immediately be escorted out of the building and to the assembly point using the nearest marked exit. No attempt will be made to collect personal belongings, or to re-enter the building after evacuation.

The register will be taken and all children and staff accounted for. If any person is missing from the register, the emergency services will be informed immediately.

It is important that ALL children tell their St Andrew’s Kids’ Club Supervisors when they are moving around in the building, example: to use the toilet, in order that the whereabouts of all children is known at any time.