Equality and Cultural Diversity

Equality and Cultural Diversity Policy 

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club aims to provide a welcoming and caring environment that promotes and vividly reflects cultural and social diversity that is equally accessible to all. We want all children that we support and care for to develop their skills and maximise their abilities irrespective of gender, ability, race, religion, nationality, economic status, or cultural background. We are committed to embracing the multi-cultural diversity of the community we serve through the opportunities and services we offer while maintaining the Christian values. We aim to show that this diversity can work together in harmony to achieve rewarding and positive results for children. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any form of discrimination or abuse to children and/or staff.

Our dedicated team promotes a child-centered learning environment, which is easily accessible, stimulating, encouraging and supportive of the children in their care, including the children’s parents, guardians, or caregivers. Children will be cared for according to their individual needs and staff will take into account the fact that a child’s development and learning ability may vary significantly from one to another. Although children do not learn or progress at the same rate, they will be encouraged to participate in all aspects of play and other activities, which are set out daily, according to their age, ability and interest in doing so.

All children will be encouraged to participate in events that recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity of the group. Every effort will be made to ensure that toys, books and games reflect the multicultural community we live in.

Equality and cultural diversity is about respecting people’s differences and creating an environment where all can thrive and contribute. St Andrew’s Kids’ Club believes that the performance of its staff is central to the success of the organisation. It does not seek to differentiate between employees on the basis of status but promotes equal access to opportunities. It welcomes employment applications from all qualified workers irrespective of color, race, nationality, age, gender, or cultural background. St Andrew’s Kids’ Club is committed to ensuring that all members of its team feel valued and that the skills and talents of individuals are recognized and fully utilized and working towards achieving the objectives of its programmes.

Code of Practice on Equality and Cultural Diversity

  • St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will strive to provide a safe and happy environment, free from harassment and discrimination in which children’s contributions are valued and respected
  • St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will ensure that its child care services are open and available to all children, and issues of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, culture, religion, language, and disability do not inhibit the child from accessing the Club
  • Discriminatory behaviour and remarks are not acceptable
  • Cultural, medical, and dietary needs of children at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will be met
  • Bilingual or multi-lingual children and adults are an asset. They will be valued and their languages recognized and respected. Staff will make sure that the children’s names are spelled and pronounced correctly
  • St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will treat all children and their parents/guardians/caregivers with equal value and concern
  • We will promote understanding, respect, and awareness of diversity and equal opportunities in the planning and implementing of our activities
  • St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will ensure that its recruitment policies and procedures are open, fair, and non-discriminatory
  • All staff will be provided appropriate and necessary training. Regular appraisal will be conducted to assess the training needs of every staff.
  • St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will ensure that all staff are aware of, and understand the Equality and Cultural Diversity Policy as it relates to all aspects of their work

Preventing Racial Harassment and Discrimination

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club believes that taking proactive steps to prevent racial harassment and discrimination is more effective than handling the situation once it has already occurred. To deal with incidents of racial harassment and discrimination, St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will:

  • Encourage individuals to treat each other with respect irrespective of their race, colour, nationality, or cultural background
  • Ensure that all children are valued, regardless of their race, colour, nationality, or cultural background
  • Promote good relations between different groups and cultures within St Andrew’s Kids’ Club and where applicable, in the wider community

Everyone at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club are encouraged to take responsibility for promoting harmonious racial relations and for protecting each other from racial harassment and discrimination by reporting any incident to the Programmes Manager or another responsible person.