Policy Statement

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will ensure to provide a safe, structured, supportive, and fun childcare environment where children will flourish best knowing that they are free to develop their play and learning without the fear of being hurt or hindered by any one else. Our programmes will be planned to develop discipline, and self-esteem among children in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement.

Guidelines for Good Behaviour 

  • Respect for staff and other children will be highly encouraged. All children will be encouraged to use their manners saying, “Excuse Me”, “Please”, “Sorry”, and “Thank You”. Bullying, pushing, hitting, shouting, and rough play are not allowed.
  • Sharing, respect, and kind negotiation  will be encouraged instead of shouting and crying
  • Satisfying, enjoying, and rewarding activities will be provided to enable children to “let off steam” and feel good about themselves
  • Children will be encouraged to be responsible and respectful of St Andrew’s Kids’ Club properties, example: taking care of books, toys, and equipment when using them and putting them back properly when they have finished using them, tidying up after playing
  • Staff will use appropriate, positive language, example: “inside voice please” rather than “don’t shout”
  • Staff must model good behaviour to set an example
  • Staff will help children understand the consequences of their behaviour

Procedure for Discipline and Guiding Children’s Behaviour

We aim to assist children in developing the values of respect, sharing and giving, self-control, honesty, kindness, and sensitivity in their interactions with others. Programme rules will be made clear to children including the consequences for not following them. These rules will be established based on respect for all children attending the programmes, staff, equipment, and facilities.

  • Establish clear, consistent, and simple rules for everyone in the programme so that children know what is expected. The rules are clearly related to the safety and protection of themselves and others. Whenever appropriate, staff will provide choices for the children to avoid power struggles (example: fighting over a same book or toy). Staff will make it clear to the children that they are always ready and happy to help when needed.
  • When dealing with a problem, staff will focus on the behaviour, rather than on the child. Reminders will be regularly given to clarify and reinforce the rules
  • When an inappropriate behaviour has occurred, staff will approach the child using a calm and controlled assertive voice and remind the child of the consequence that may result from disobeying the rules
  • To change the circumstances that are causing inappropriate behaviour, the child will be redirected towards other activities that he or she may find as an alternative for the previous activity
  • Persistent refusal to abide by the rules to keep everyone safe and happy at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club will require that the child be removed from the activity and put into time-out (typically three to five minutes) at a spot that is visible to everyone. Time-out will be done with a positive attitude from the staff, pointing out the inappropriate behaviour and explaining why the child is removed from the activity. Staff may offer the child an alternative individual activity to do (drawing, reading, colouring, puzzle). Staff will discuss to the child the reason for being on time-out, what steps could have been done to prevent the child from being removed from the activity and put into time-out, and allow the child to decide if he or she wants to do the same activity again or choose a different activity instead

If there is a persistent behaviour problem, staff will inform the parent/s when they collect the child and will be requested to support the staff in their attempts to encourage the child to behave. If the child’s behaviour is causing continual disruption to the programme or causing harm to others, it may result in the child having to be removed from the programme.

All St Andrew’s Kids’ Club staff will encourage good behaviour among children. Behaviour that includes physical or verbal abuse, hurts or upsets – bullying, name-calling, any form of discrimination, pinching, kicking, or any form of physical violence towards other children and staff, or behaviour that shows lack of respect or consideration for others or property will be appropriately dealt with.

At all times, staff will not use any form of corporal punishment, humiliation, shaking, or withholding food to deal with unacceptable behaviour. Staff will always maintain a positive, consistent, and fair approach in dealing with children’s behaviour.