Access To And Collection Of Children


Children are expected to be dropped-off by their parents/guardians safely at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club. Parents/Guardians are required to sign their children in and ensure that a staff is around to supervise the children.

Only the parents and authorised persons listed on the enrollment form are permitted to collect the children from St Andrew’s Kids’ Club. If parents require anyone other than themselves and the authorised persons listed on the enrollment form to collect their child or children, they must inform the Club beforehand and staff will record this on the child’s enrollment form. Parents will have the opportunity to add any other contacts to the form, if they wish another individual to collect their child.

To ensure that all children are collected by their parent or another named contact:

  • All children will remain at St Andrew’s Kids’ Club until a registered named person collects them
  • Anyone asking to collect a child who is not an authorised person will be denied access until the parent has been contacted
  • Parents must be aware of this policy and should not compromise this safety measure by asking unregistered persons to collect their child/ren
  • Unless we are informed and a written permission signed by the parent is provided beforehand, all children are not allowed to leave the premises of St Andrew’s Kids’ Club to go to nearby activities or to a friend’s house.
  • If unforeseen circumstances arise and parents need to make alternative collection arrangements by phone, parents must inform St Andrew’s Kids’ Club themselves and not through any other unauthorised persons.

Procedure on Collection of Children from School for After School Care

  • Parents and children will be informed of the designated collection area at school for after school care pickup during enrolment. Children are expected to proceed and wait for St Andrew’s Kids’ Club staff at the designated collection area. Children must avoid wandering around the school while waiting for collection as this may compromise their safety. It is the children’s responsibility to ensure that all their belongings are with them prior to proceeding at the collection area.
  • Young children or new enrollees can be collected by a St Andrew’s Kids’ Club Staff from their classrooms until they are confident enough to walk themselves up to the collection area.
  • Staff will ensure that all children booked for collection are present before leaving the school. If a child is on the after school care roll but is not at the collection area, staff will check with the school office and the child’s teacher to know if the child was at school. Staff will also contact the parents. If still unable to know the whereabouts of the child, staff will contact the police.
  • All parents are expected to promptly inform St Andrew’s Kids’ Club if their child will be arriving late because of “road patrol” or other school activities, has been picked-up from school, or not attending after school care.
  • Children will be taken to St Andrew’s Kids’ Club either by van driven by a qualified driver or walking school bus supervised by staff.

Procedure on Collection of Children from St Andrew’s Kids’ Club

  • All children must be signed-out upon collection by parents or other authorised persons from St Andrew’s Kids’ Club. Children will not be released to any person not listed on the enrolment form. Parents will be contacted for authorisation if an unregistered person comes to collect the child.
  • Staff will contact the parents if a child is not collected after 6pm. If unable to reach the parents, a person authorised to collect the child or the emergency contact will be phoned.
  • St Andrew’s Kids’ Club staff will stay with the child/ren awaiting collection. Parents will be charged a late pick-up fee of $15 per 15 minutes.
  • If there is still no communication from the parents at 7pm, the child/ren will be taken to the nearest police station, of which the parents or emergency contacts will be informed.