About Us

Mission Statement 

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club mission is to provide a safe, supportive, caring, happy, and Christian environment that incorporates recreational and educational experiences to all children in its care.

Program Objectives

  • To provide a healthy, nurturing, and stimulating Christian environment filled with warmth, understanding, safety, and fun
  • To provide a wide variety of supervised play and recreational activities, which assist primary school aged children’s social, emotional, and physical development, including creative, intellectual, and communication skills
  • To help children develop their potentials by focusing on values development, trust, respect, independence, confidence, and responsibility
  • To promote and encourage equal opportunities for all children attending irrespective of race, religion, gender, disability, or family background
  • To enable parents/guardians to pursue work, study/training or other activities, in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for in a safe and fun environment
  • To provide quality holiday, before and after school care programmes staffed by trained, caring and supportive individuals who give parents a sense of confidence that their children are being left in good hands
  • To establish good relationships with families, schools, and the parish community by providing excellent child care programmes


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