Welcome Back


Dear parents,

Welcome back to term 1 2020 …   we are delighted to see so many of our regular families returning to the Kids Club for another year and also to meet the many younger siblings joining us!  For those of you joining us for the first time welcome to the Club, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our program coordinator Annie Li.

We had a great year last year with a high enrollment numbers, especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays.  It was this notable increase of attendance on certain days that lead us to be more mindful of contracted attendance days.  To ensure the best possible child care experience we need to make sure we have adequate staff and food available.  We can only do this if we know well in advance who will be attending on what days.  We offer a casual contract for anyone who really cannot commit to set days, and where possible are  prepared to be flexible to accommodate those on a casual contract.  For those of you on permanent contracts we ask please that you stick with the days you indicate when you enrolled your child.  As noted we also require two weeks notice of an absence, whereby you will not be charged.

With the cost of living creeping ever updates the Trustees of the St Andrews Kids Club have reluctantly made the decision to increase the daily rate of attendance to $18.  The casual rate will increase to $22 per session.

Kids Club rate increase 2020

We also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the concern around the Coronavirus.  We are rigorous in ensuring the children are washing their hands regularly, are providing anti bacterial soap and hand sanitzer and ensuring that anyone who might have been in contact with the virus stays away for the mandated two weeks.  We will continue to monitor World Health Organization recommendation over the following weeks.

St Andrew’s Kids’ Club Team

Reverend Stephen Baxter
David Wolfenden

Annie Li
Angela Worrallo

Lynette Davis-Miller
Liz Jollands
Annabelle Hale



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